An Open Blog

I feel like an introduction is important, at least to provide some background. But honestly I can’t really write one because the main point of my blog isn’t to introduce strangers online into my life endeavors; this blog is for me to read back on all the crazy shit I did at 18 and laugh it off when I’m 45 or something.

A diary maybe you can compare it to. I mean why not? Sure it’s hella cliché but whatever. I need a new space to record my thoughts other than another journal. And being a millennial of course it’ll be easier to keep up with my thoughts by typing them out. I make good old-fashioned pen and paper sound archaic but sometimes my thoughts travel faster than the speed of my hand.

Now I’m just rambling to myself because a part of me feels guilty for actually making a blog. I feel stupid and childish- like I can only picture a 12-year-old doing this shit. I feel silly and ridiculous actually saying to myself, “I have a blog”. Granted, know one will know about this because as much as I need advice sometimes, other times I don’t want to hear it.

I’m a stubborn person and that’s something only I can really put up with about myself. And people’s input is often unnecessary and not something I already don’t know. I just love to rant and I’d like to rant in a place where no one I know can give me shit for it. Fuck strangers reading this and nagging me; I couldn’t give any fucks about what strangers on the internet have to say to me. But even as I write this a small part of me is worried about the negative reactions I can receive for voicing such opinions.

That’s something I’d like to eradicate from my worries.

There’s a lot I hope to eradicate from my life. I hope this blog can serve as a form of self reflection on thoughts and help me grow. At the age of 18, my priorities isn’t parties and sex (although they do intrigue me), it is mainly to grow into the adult I know my younger self would be proud of. I also want to live the way that my 40 year old self won’t have any regrets about. But the past is gone and the future I’ll save for tomorrow, so instead I’ll focus on one day at a time.


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