Part 2 of Year 1

Second semester is about to start in a week and I’m really looking forward to it. This break was nice, to an extent, but I’m getting restless not doing something that exercises my brain.

Honestly speaking, although all the homework and projects get me stressed out when they all pile up, there’s something I enjoy about it. This first semester, I wasn’t really taking classes dedicated to my major but I enjoyed them. A particular favorite of mine was a political science class on the American political system comparatively to other political systems. There was so much I learned in that class besides political systems, hehe. I tried signing up for another class with the same professor but unfortunately I had to drop it because it conflicted with other classes I needed to take.

But this semester I’m taking conceptual physics which I’m looking forward to. And I miraculously managed to pass remedial math and I’ll be at some college level algebra. Although I’m not a big fan of math, I’ve grown tolerant to it. Physics requires a lot of math and part of the reason that I love physics is how…active my brain feels when solving the math.

I’m also taking a creative writing course, which at first was closed, then I managed to sign up for, and because that class wasn’t open to freshmen I had to drop, but then was added back to the one I originally signed up for. Quiet the journey to get into the class but it was worth it.

Plus my schedule allows me to sleep in, leave earlier than I did last semester, and have a three day weekend. I think this semester could be a win.

I have moderate good feelings about it so far. I really hope this good feeling lasts all semester long.


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